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What a jewel
For many, the exhibition of a precious object, an ornament that satisfies the desire for pleasure and pleasure. For others it's something more. It is the search for a consonance between one's own state of mind and this mysterious object, made up of opacity and reflexes, cuts and connections, softness and roughness. It is the expression of the desire to embellish oneself, but also the ancient instinct to have something magical about it, a fusion of shapes, materials and colors. Goldsmithery has always accompanied the life of all peoples, perhaps precisely to respond to this need. Silver, in articular, was already worked in 3000 BC in Egypt. Creating jewelry today means, or should mean, reappropriation of this feeling. It is certainly this feeling that animates the creations of Roberta Roselli, "sculptures to wear".
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By Roberta Roselli
Roberta Roselli         jewel artist & designer

Roberta Roselli, in art ARGENTIA JEWELS, lives and works in the heart of Rome. Master of Arts in the Metals and Goldsmiths section, she graduated in Applied Arts, and then graduated in the four-year course of Jewellery Design at I.E.D. European Institute of Design with a score of 110/110 with honors. In 1993 she won the contest "new talents" carrying out the teaching activity at I.E.D. The ceramic courses with the maestro Nino Caruso and the glass painting course with Giorgio Funaro complete the artistic training at the C.E.A.M. (European Conservatory of Arts and Crafts). Various specialization courses followed, including the processing of “lost wax” at a professional school in the capital, and of gemology courses for the recognition of color and diamond gems at I.G.L. of Rome Italian Gemological Lab (2011). In 2001 she opened her first shop, driven by her father's death, and she created her first “Argentia” line of jewelry, inspired by paper, for her past in the printing family shop and where she learned various restoration techniques and “paper Mache”. "Scrap Paper" is the result of a gesture that shapes a silver plate through the "lost wax" technique, and it is the most sculptural collection that represents the artist. Followed collections are inspired by “cork oaks” and pines. Roberta creates designer jewelry, using the ancient techniques of the goldsmith's art, but with a careful look at contemporary style, a fusion of arts and sentiments that animate the forms associated with gems. Engravings in the metal, like the signs of the time, that have upset the life of her family of Jewish origin escaped in Nazi persecutions: the families "Finzi" and "Di Nola" now remembered through the "stumbling stones" in the heart of Rome. In 2007, she moved and enlarged her shop into the district "Rione Monti" always in the heart of Rome near the Colosseum, where you can still see old artisans in their shops. Besides her artisan workshop, Roberta teaches and collaborates with the T.A.M. of Pietrarubbia in the Marche region, president of Arnaldo Pomodoro, a metalworking school. In 2011 Argentia Jewels received, from the Lazio Region, recognition as a company with a high artistic, aesthetic and cultural value. From 2014 she joined the Repertoire of Roman Excellences as an artisan goldsmith. Roberta has participated in numerous editions, in the Temple of Hadrian in Rome, of the exhibition "Desideri Preziosi", with goldsmiths and silversmiths in Rome. In 2013, at the Auditorium "Parco della musica" he participated in the event inspired by Giuseppe Verdi, and then exhibited at Palazzo Valentini with the exhibition "le domus in a jewel" in 2014. Argentia Jewels in February 2017, exhibited in London at the Saatchi Gallery with "Scoop International Fashion Shows" where it presents the new brand, the "Scrap Paper" and "Cork Oaks" collection. Roberta Roselli, has an experience of 34 years in the world of jewelry and gems, metals and sculptures that has allowed her to transform her profession by overcoming the concept of work by making art concrete.
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